The Experience

From beginning to end, David, Christina and their team approach every project with a blank slate and one clear aim: to craft the client’s vision into a unique event.

Scroll down to learn a little more about our process, get the answers to some Frequently Asked Questions, and begin planning your own dream destination celebration!

Our Process

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  • Converse


    We invite our clients to begin our relationship with a casual conversation. You will speak with a member of our design team to glean the information we need to determine our availability and if we are the right match for your needs.

  • Collect


    The second step in our process invites you be a part our exploratory method in a face-to-face manner. Our office is a fun and creative one—where great ideas and collaborative brainstorming breakthroughs happen every minute. A longer experience than our preliminary “conversation,” this is the stage in which we collect in-depth information on your aesthetic, personality, the intricacies of your event, and the story you want to tell your guests.

  • Curate


    Hosting an event, but unsure of where to start, where to go, or what resources are available? With a network of special event resources, David Beahm Destinations is poised to act as your event concierge: curating venues and vendors for your consideration, thereby helping you find a perfect location and the ideal team of event professionals.

  • Conceptualize


    Once the location is set and the seeds of your vision have been planted, its time to watch your special event grow. With the aid of floor plans, comprehensive inspirational images, and storybook narratives, we conceptualize your event, layer by layer, until we have created the perfect representation of you!

  • Compose


    All of beautiful renderings and write-ups can’t take the place of actually seeing, touching and smelling a bit of your event. We offer an excitement-building prototype consultation during which you will interact with a fully actualized version of one of your tables with the centerpiece composition created for your approval.


Why should I have a destination event?

There is no doubt that a beautiful ballroom wedding in your hometown is a timeless and memorable experience. However, being able to bring your guests along with you for the adventure of a lifetime is priceless. Yes, there are a lot of details to attend to when traveling with your guests, but we strive to ensure the experience is as seamless as possible, and that you enjoy every minute. 


I see you posting on Social Media a lot about Monteverdi, Tuscany…what's your connection with them?

While all of our destination locations have a place in our heart, we have a special connection with Monteverdi, Tuscany, a boutique hotel located in a working 12th Century village in the heart of the Val d'Orcia. An archeological jewel, David Beahm Destinations is honored to be the exclusive event designer for this magical property. Want to see more about it? Check out our photos in the gallery or visit their website here

Do you hire local vendors or do you bring a team from New York?

Usually, the answer is both. On a typical destination event, we will bring a core management crew from New York City familiar with the David Beahm standards of quality to lead a team of local vendors if available to produce your event. In this way, we are able to mitigate costs to the client, while still assuring a David Beahm quality product. 

How do you deal with customs and duties when working internationally?

David Beahm Destinations is pleased to partner with one of the best expediting companies in the world. Since every country has different rules, regulations, and importation fees, this partnership with our expediter is crucial in that we are able to assure our clients of the best importation rates possible. An added benefit is that we are able to track shipments in real time and know at any given point where your beautiful décor is in the world on its route to your event. 

I'm a fellow designer. Can David Beahm help me to produce my client's event?

Absolutely! We operate on a no-ego basis here at David Beahm Destinations. If you are a fellow designer and we can assist you, please reach out to us. We want to keep our talented artists working. 

Are you a travel agent?

No we are not, but we work with the best in the industry. Our partnership with Virtuoso Agents allows us to offer our guests the best amenities and the highest level of service available world-round. From dedicated immigration lines to private jet charters, our travel partners work with us to ensure every guest's travel needs are met. 

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